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  • Eric

    Hi, Came across your weekend initiation event and I’d like to know more. How many people have gone through? Is there any structure or community in place to continue the work after the weekend?

    I’ve done Mankind and I think this would be beneficial. I’m originally from the Bay Area but living in Chicago now. When is the next weekend scheduled?


  • Jay Cradeur

    Hi Eric,

    Next event is July 19 -22 in Baldwin Kansas, near Kansas City. We have been doing this for 10 years, about 1-2x per year, with about 10 initiates in each event. Although we do all stay connected via email,or phone, and great lasting bonds are created, there are no meetings or men’s groups set up. There are plenty of those around, as you probably are aware. Chicago is pretty close to KC. If you feel the call, there is nothing like it. Scary as hell, but worth the dive into the unknown. Call me if you have any questions, 707 540 3595. Jay

  • Kennetth Erickson

    I live in Hudson Wi 54016
    If I made more money then I could consider coming to events. It would have to be close to the twin cities.

  • Kennetth Erickson


  • Kennetth Erickson

    I have not ruled it out though.

  • Kennetth Erickson

    Kenneth.erickson15 (lower case letters) I have some that are interested in this.